10 Winning Food & Drink Stocking Fillers 2019

Wednesday, December 4, 2019
Looking for the perfect gift for the lovelies in your life?

1. Awesome filter coffee from Newcastle

Bandar Jaya Natural / Darks Coffee Roasters / $16.50

Australia's best filter coffee is from Darks Coffee Roasters in Newcastle. Australian International Coffee Awards (AICA) 2019, trophy-winning ‘Bandar Jaya Natural’ is roasted specifically for filter brewing and tastes like ripe cherries and raspberries, toffee apple, Riesling, vanilla and cocoa liqueur. It’s available in limited supply at the Container Espresso Bar at McDonald Jones Stadium, Newcastle, and from the Darks Coffee Roasters website.

2. Delicious bean to bar chocolate roasted with native Australian flavours.

Roast wattleseed and hazelnut bar / Myrtle & Pepper Fine Chocolate’s / $8.00

The smoothest French Valrhona milk chocolate is partnered with Myrtle & Pepper Fine Chocolate’s very own roast wattleseed to create a truly indulgent treat. The judges of this year’s Australian Food Awards voted it gold medal-worthy. Order online for nationwide delivery.

3. Lovely pale Rosé

De Bortoli Rosé Rosé 2019 / $14.95

This lovely pale Rosé has taken out multiple awards, receiving gold in the 2019 Royal Melbourne Wine Awards. With an exciting nose of peach, pomegranate and a hint of spice, it’s delicate and calm with a deliciously dry finish. Find De Bortoli Rosé Rosé at major liquor stores and online.

4. Indulgent rum & raisin chocolate

Rum & Raisin Mini Bar/ Ms Peacock / $4.50

With a rummy kick, these Ms. Peacock Chocolatier mini chocolate bars are not for the faint-hearted, but fabulous for indulging this holiday season!
Boozy to say the least, these are loaded with raisins soaked in Aussie overproof rum and indulgent chocolate ganache, in a dark chocolate shell decorated with real gold foil.
The bars are sold individually in 25g bars with gorgeous packaging. View the Ms. Peacock website to purchase.

5. Lift egg and pasta dishes with Truffle Salt

Truffle Salt / Murray River Salt / $19

Murray River Salt ‘Salt Flakes’ infused with whole black pieces of Western Australian Great Southern Black Melanosporum truffles is gold medal-winning in the 2019 Australian Food Awards. The 40g jar is the perfect way to sample one of life’s luxuries and impress your dinner guests. Order online for the holiday season.

6. Limited edition olive oil prized for its freshness and indelible flavour

Ultra-Premium Hojiblanca Extra Virgin Olive Oil / Cobram Estate / $20

Cobram Estate Ultra Premium Hojiblanca (okee-blanca) is a Spanish olive variety from Lucena, Spain, and is chosen for its unique delicate aromas, with harmonious flavours on the palate. Best enjoyed fresh, it’s ideal for risotto, all seafood and chicken dishes, dipping bread and as a healthier replacement for butter. Get it now online, this gold medal-winning olive oil is limited edition. 

7. Desserts. Cheese. Meat. Salad. Get creative with the best sticky balsamic made with locally harvested quinces

Sticky Balsamic / Premium Quince / $30

Multi-award winner Sticky Balsamic Premium Quince is handcrafted in small batches which ensures exceptional quality within each bottle. Sticky Balsamic Premium Quince is the perfect fruit-infused balsamic vinegar to have with desserts, fruit, cheese, meat and salad. Buy a 250ml bottle online. 

8. Smooth and luxurious dark lager

Keller Door: Schwarzbier (2019) / 4 Pines Brewing Company / $18.99 4 pack

Wrap a gold ribbon around a four-pack of this tasty dark German lager that balances roasted yet smooth malt flavours. This special release 4 Pines beer took out the Champion Australian Beer and best Amber/Dark Ale in the 2019 Australian International Beer Awards. Use the 4 Pines ‘find my beer’ tool online to find a retailer near you. 

9. Wonderfully rich and opulent sparkling wine without the price tag

Pinot Noir Chardonnay Pinot Meuni / Brown Brothers / $18.95

“A nice complex nose with a good creamy mid-palate and plenty of toast and brioche notes. Very rich and luscious style and nicely rounded.” Impress your giftee with these two very articulate sentences which describe why Brown Brothers received Best Sparkling for its Pinot Noir Chardonnay Pinot Meuni. It’s available at major retailers, great quality and fantastic value. Too easy!

10. Something special for your sparkling summer cocktails

Marionette Dry Cassis 500ml / $46

Encourage your fam to drink local. This multi trophy-winning liquor is made with the very best Tasmanian blackcurrants. Just a small splash brings a big whack of blackcurranty character. Pair with almost all things bubbly or save it for this luxurious Gateaux cocktail.

For the full list of 2019 winning tastes visit: winningtastes.com.au/the-tastes