Cocktail Recipe: Cheeky Gateaux

Friday, May 17, 2019
Feat. Marionette Dry Cassis

Try this luscious Cheeky Gateaux cocktail. This new recipe calls for trophy-winning Marionette Dry Cassis and a willingness to trust in the luscious mix of Irish Whisky, berry and chocolate.


Cocktail created by Rebecca Beckett, Captain Baxter


30ml Marionette Dry Cassis 30ml Irish Whisky

15ml raspberry puree 15ml lemon juice 30ml cranberry juice

10ml vanilla sugar syrup

3 dashes Fee Bros. Aztec Chocolate Bitters Crushed ice


Cinnamon quill, blackberry on a skewer and mint sprig


Rocks glass


Jigger, bar spoon, ice crusher


In a rocks glass, pour in all ingredients one by one and stir. Top with crushed ice, add garnishes and serve.


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