Get a Taste For These 2019 Winning Foods

Friday, September 6, 2019

Next time you visit your local supermarket, organic grocer, farmers market or providore, look for these products stamped with the Australian Food Awards national seal of quality and have confidence that you are stocking your fridge with the pinnacle of Australian produce.

1. Lamb of Tasmania – Tasmanian Quality Meats, Tasmania

Lamb of Tasmania, from Tasmanian Quality Meats, won the top gong in the 2019 Australian Food Awards taking out champion Australian Product as well as the champion Australian Meat award. The Cressy-based TQM launched its premium Lamb of Tasmania program in May this year. Try Lamb of Tasmania lamb rack with pea and freekeh risotto, roasted heirloom carrots and lamb glaze. Delicious!

2. Juice Culture Envy – Juice Culture, Victoria

The Australian Food Awards now recognises excellence in beverages and this Champion Australian Beverage not only tastes refreshing and delicious, it also includes important nutrients that our bodies thrive on. Juice Culture is all about "nutritional fitness". Their Cold Pressed juice kitchen is based in Geelong and all their fresh produce is sourced from Australian farmers.

3. Riverview Farms Hot Roast Pork with Crackle from Rivalea Australia, New South Wales

This roasted pork is Australian Champion Convenience Food that you can't go past. It's succulent and tender. Roasted in-store in selected Coles and ready to take home with crispy crackling. Rivalea is a leading integrated Australian agri-food company based in the Riverina region of New South Wales. 

4. Prom Country Cheese Cheviot Royale, Victoria

A semi-hard ewes-milk cheese, Cheviot Royale is Champion Australian Dairy that is aged for 12 months with regular washing of the rind to develop an orange surface and resulting in complex savory and bacon flavors. It has a a fruity tang in the firm but smooth, close textured paste. It's a great savory cheese for a cheeseboard or to be shaved in a salad and it goes well with a Dry White Wine or Shiraz, or Wheat Beer.

5. Van Diemens Land Creamery Pepperberry and Leatherwood Honey Ice Cream, Tasmania

This Champion Australian Frozen Dessert will tempt every taste bud. Handcrafted with the finest ingredients, this is great-tasting ice cream that bring a smile to your face.

6. Turmeric Spice Magic, Latasha’s Kitchen, Western Australia

Spice up your meals with this Champion Australian Pantry Good - Turmeric Spice Magic. A fragrant Asian spice blend perfect for salad dressings, vegetables, rice dishes, noodles, marinades, soups, seafood, meats, BBQs and added to curries. Here's a tip: Make a marinade by mixing 1 tbsp blend or as you wish with olive oil and lime juice, or with coconut cream, natural pot set yoghurt or buttermilk.

7. Whisky Marmalade - Rocky Gardens, Tasmania

Fancy something different for breakfast? This Champion Preserve is a marmalade with the addition of Tasmanian Whisky.  The Whisky takes the edge of the bitterness of the marmalade and adds body. This product is vegan, dairy free and lactose free.

8. Cradle Mountain Honey GMO Free – Australian Honey Products, Tasmania

Did you know Tasmania is a Genetically Modified Organism Free State? Sourced from Tasmania’s lush pastureland and GMO FREE, Clover Honey is one of the most popular and well-known honeys with its light colour and delicate floral flavour.


9. Geraldton Kingfish – Indian Ocean Fresh Australia Pty Ltd, Western Australia

The 2019 Australian Champion Seafood Geraldton Yellowtail Kingfish are grown in the natural waters of the Indian Ocean, off the coast of Geraldton, Western Australia.  Perfect kingfish for a tartare with avocado and yuzu, Yarra Valley Caviar and rice crackers.

10. Traditional Nordic Crackers – Mette is Baking, Western Australia

Norwegian breakfast consist of bread/knækbrød, cheese, meat and berries... Try Nordic Crackers, cheese, moose salami, a huge bowl of fresh picked forrest blueberries and yellow raspberries. So nutritious and delicious. Alternatively have a few of these cracking crackers with a cup of tea in the garden and enjoy the serenity.

Look out for products from these winning Aussie producers

Coming off the back of winning Champion Producer awards at the 2019 Australian Food Awards, these are three brands whose products you know are of the highest quality. 

1. Floridia Cheese, Victoria

Take your cheese obsession to the next level. Visit Floridia Cheese in Melbourne’s northern suburbs or look out for this family-operated cheese brand in a specialty store near you.

2. Main Ridge Dairy, Victoria

Fromage enthusiasts get around Victoria Main Ridge Dairy and so should you. Cheese from this farmhouse cheese factory and goat dairy located on the Mornington Peninsula is of the highest quality. Main Ridge Dairy produce a milk of the highest quality that is then handmade into a range of farmhouse cheeses.

3. Metiisto Chocolate, Queensland

This is the finest chocolate in Australia! Based in Queensland, Metiisto Chocolate is dedicated to the future of chocolate, a future for cocoa farmers and a never-ending commitment to making the finest chocolate they can.