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Top coffee tips with Jeremy Regan, Jamaica Blue Head of Coffee

Friday, April 28, 2017

We spoke to Jeremy Regan, Head of Coffee at Jamaica Blue and 2017 Australian International Coffee Awards Judge about all things coffee.  

How do you take your coffee?

I normally start with an espresso followed by a flat white. I want that coffee flavour first of all, then I take my time sipping the flat white best enjoyed with a colleague or friend - but fine to sit by yourself and chill as well!

What are your top three tips when looking for a good coffee?

1. Make sure your coffee is freshly roasted – you don’t want to be drinking coffee older than 3-4 weeks.

2. If you're at a café, you need a well-trained barista – great coffee can be easily spoiled by someone who doesn’t know what they are doing or doesn’t care!

3. Clean equipment – an experienced barista will have a clean and organised work area and a shiny steam nozzle! If the area looks unorganised and dirty, or even worse there is a build-up of milk on the steam wand, chances are you won’t get a great coffee.

How can the location where beans are grown change the taste of the coffee? 

Dramatically – temperature, rainfall, elevation, soil type, varietal of coffee and processing methods all have a huge impact on the flavour profile of your coffee. Currently at Jamaica Blue, we are serving an awesome single origin coffee from Guatemala. We change our single origin with our menus, the Guatemala beans taste very different to the Brazil we had last menu and also very different to the Colombian we will launch in June!

Jamaica Blue

Tell us a bit about Jamaica Blue’s signature blend.

The Signature blend was designed to taste great as a milk beverage but also as an espresso - the majority of coffees served in Jamaica Blue are flat whites, cappuccinos and lattes. The blend contains beans from six different regions including the famous Jamaica Blue Mountains. They all have a purpose in the blend – some for chocolatey flavour, some for crema generation and others to ensure a smooth pleasant aftertaste.

Why are you passionate about coffee? 

Coffee generally brings people together and makes them happy – having the opportunity to work with a product that does this is a real privilege. My job also allows me to travel to producing countries to meet farmers and producers and see how much effort they put into growing coffee. This definitely adds to my passion and makes me want to ensure everyone drinks great coffee!

Find out more at jamaicablue.com.au.