Bake with love, share the love

Alfamores’ Alfajores might sound like a mouthful, but when it’s a mouthful of light shortbread filled with rich, creamy dulce de leche – that’s okay with us!

Alfamores’ artisan, Ezequiel Donati, grew up watching his grandma make alfajores in their family home in Argentina. Since moving continents, Ezequiel decided to recreate childhood memories: the mouth-watering smell of the alfajores baking, the crumbly texture of the bite and the flavour explosion of sweet dulce de leche!

Alfamores create distinctive flavours for their biscuits using exotic ingredients such as yerba mate, Australian-grown coffee and native plants.

“It is an honour for us to win gold at the Australian Food Awards for a lesser-known product such as an alfajor,” said Ezequiel.

“We hope to introduce these delectable morsels to the general public so that they are no longer just a Latin treat but a global one.”

Alfamores’ philosophy is to bake with love and share the love and this is evident in their delicious products which you can purchase online, via email or phone or at pop-up stalls in Sydney.