How Auckland roasters create some of the best coffee

Family-owned business Chiasso Coffee Roasters pronounced (Kee-ar-so), Italian for "create an uproar” is a key player in the New Zealand coffee scene known for creating award-winning, fresh coffee.

Roasting coffee beans in Auckland since 1997, this family owned powerhouse has taken out multiple awards and medals for their coffees.

By adhering to a business philosophy to consistently produce exceptional coffee in a sustainable way, co-owner Jonathan Norton has taught us a thing or two about how they’ve managed to persistently create some of the best coffee beans on the market.

So you can taste the difference in every cup, Jonathan and co take the utmost care selecting premium coffee beans for roasting from the world's foremost growing regions.

They were particularly excited when they discovered a washed ‘Grade 1’ coffee from Kochere, a district in the Yirgacheffe region of Ethiopia that went on to win the Champion Filter Trophy in the 2018 Australian International Coffee Awards.

When we refer to specialty coffee, Grade 1 is the very best grade of beans and when we say coffee is "washed" we’re referring to the process of removing the fruit from the bean using water. Jonathan tells us that washing the fruit away produces wonderfully clean and sweet flavours in the cup.

At Chiasso Headquarters, they’re regularly drinking good Ethiopian coffees but the staff really fell in love with this one and Jonathan was delighted to see it score so highly with the judges, “When we do things we make sure we do them well. Our coffee quality is super consistent.”

Chiasso’s consistency of quality was proven as they stacked up medal wins in the 2019 Awards, “It’s great morale for staff who work hard on making sure the product and brand are always at its premium,” said Jonathan.

The team hand roast all the specialty coffee on a micro-roaster, a New Zealand made Stonka. According to Jonathan, it’s all down to timing and experience with the Stonka, “It roasts only 3kg at a time so we have been quite busy roasting on it lately - just to ensure there are enough award-winning beans to go around!”

Chiasso offers BioGro Certified organic coffee. Biogro is the most recognised organic logo in New Zealand and is the mark of a genuine product. While Chiasso has made strides in sustainability, Jonathan acknowledges there is a fair way to go and they are always open to learning and improving.

Jonathan’s hope for the future is for Chiasso to simply continue to produce a product that people love in a responsible and sustainable way.

As well as award-winning beans, the company offers unique products such as Brewsky Nitro Coldbrew and Turmeric Latte. You can purchase Chiasso products here or visit the shop in Devonport, Auckland, New Zealand.


You can find Chiasso on Instagram and Facebook.