Pearl-sized bubbles of flavour

As chefs, Fiona Verwoerd and Rodney Graham dreamed of being able to pick up the phone and order in the products that took up so much of their time to produce in the kitchen.

After tiring of industry hours, the pair decided to start Peninsula Larder, giving people what they had always wished for themselves – readily available, top quality products made by chefs.

Peninsula Larder has been awarded a gold medal for their Balsamic Flavour Pearls and a bronze medal for their Apple Flavour Pearls at the 2017 Australian Food Awards.

“We chose the most difficult product that we could think of, that no one else in Australia was making,” said Fiona.

“We wanted to produce something different that was both valuable to the restaurant industry and also exciting for the retail market.”

Pearl-sized bubbles of flavour, which when consumed burst with a pop of flavour on the palate, Flavour Pearls are a gourmet garnish with an exciting bursting texture to add to your food and drinks.

“We’re very proud of our Flavour Pearls as they are a first for the Mornington Peninsula – a unique handmade product which makes entertaining a breeze, adding beauty, fun and flavour to your favourite gourmet meals,” said Fiona.

A big part of the philosophy behind Peninsula Larder is to source local ingredients to make the premium products. As chefs, Fiona and Rodney set the benchmark for quality very high and are willing to spend the time and money to ensure the products are made with love and quality ingredients.

You can purchase Peninsula Larder products directly via their website or from one of their stockists.