Victoria's passion for premium product paramount for Springmount Fine Foods

Springmount Fine Foods is a family-run, on-farm business, with the majority of the core ingredients used in the products grown on the property.

Launching in early 2015 with their first product, Black Garlic, Carmel and Brett Masterson were met with an overwhelmingly positive response, selling out rapidly and soon expanding their range.

“We began making fruit pastes with our crop from our orchard and focused on developing unique flavour combinations,” said Carmel.

They have since added vinaigrettes, sauces and relishes to the range.

For Springmount Fine Food, passion is paramount. Always developing new products is not only beneficial for customers, but keeps things interesting and exciting for the Mastersons.

The soil and climate, as well as the desire for high quality, Australian-made food in Victoria have made it a great place to be producing fine foods for Springmount.

“Victorians have such a passion for quality gourmet food, particularly in our region near Daylesford,” said Carmel.

“They are yearning for unique products and willing to experiment with new flavours.”

Being recognised with a medal for their Apple Lime and Black Pepper Paste at the 2016 Australian Food Awards has seen sales of the product double. Marinate crispy pork belly in this paste and create a mouth-watering dish you won't stop thinking about for weeks (trust us - we know from experience).

Springmount Fine Foods are currently expanding their business with a new onsite commercial kitchen, so there will be more delicious products coming your way.

You can purchase Springmount Fine Foods’ products at the Talbot Farmers Market, Creswick Market and selected retailers in the Ballarat and Daylesford areas.