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Take your taste buds on a mouth-watering tour of the best in Australian produce from the Australian Food Awards (AFA). The products on this page are the best this country has to offer as judged by Australia’s most discerning food palates and each bite will leave you hungry for more.

Next time you visit your local supermarket, organic grocer, farmers market or providore, look for products stamped with the AFA national seal of quality and have confidence that you are stocking your fridge with the pinnacle of Australian produce.

Winning Food
2016 Champion Australian Large Producer
Brunetti, Victoria

If you have not yet paid a visit to Melbourne icon, Brunetti, we would recommend stopping by ASAP. Brunetti began trading in 1985 as an authentic Italian Pasticerria in Carlton. Since then, the business has grown into a renowned hub of coffee, traditional Italian cakes, gelato and more. In 2016, Brunetti was awarded nine gold and four silver medals at the Australian Food Awards. If you are struggling to choose from the delicious line up of gelato flavours, go for the Tartufo Gelato, which was awarded Best in Class. You can buy Brunetti's award-winning products from their stores across Melbourne.
2016 Champion Australian Organic Product
Pure Cream
Schulz Organic Dairy, Victoria

Schulz Organic Pure Cream is exactly that, pure and simple thick cream, with no added thickeners. Schulz Organic Dairy products are processed in small batches with great care and attention to detail and cleanliness on their farm in Timboon. There are no chemicals, hormones, herbicides or pesticides used on the farm, so you can feel good about what you eat!
2016 Champion Australian Medium Producer
Dooley's Ice Cream
Dooley's Ice Cream, Victoria

I scream, you scream, we all scream for multi-award-winning ice cream! Apollo Bay icon Dooley's Ice Cream has been producing award-winning ice creams and gelatos since 2002. The father-daughter business was awarded 14 gold medals at the 2016 Australian Food Awards, and the medals don't lie, their ice cream is worthy of a golden cone. Dooley's Ice Cream is available in tubs in selected stores in Melbourne, southeast Victoria and the surf coast.
2016 Champion Australian Dairy
Venus Blue
Prom Country Cheese, Victoria

Looking for a sophisticated, dreamy blue for your cheese platter this weekend? Look no further than Prom Country Cheese's Venus Blue. A delicate, creamy sheep cheese, matured for five months, Venus Blue has complex flavours and a deliciously smooth texture. Pair with dried fruit and nuts and an award-winning red wine and your night is sorted.
2016 Champion Australian Grains and Pulses
Seeded Sourdough
The Honey Thief Bakery

Crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, The Honey Thief Bakery know how we like our sourdough. A small, artisan bakery in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, their seeded sourdough combines the best quality organic stoneground flour, salt and filtered water, which are hand blended with seven seeds - sesame, poppy, pepita, sunflowers, linseed, quinoa and chia. The bread is naturally leavened the traditional way, resulting in a glassy crust which shatters easily under your teeth to reveal a moist crumb underneath.
2016 Champion Australian Convenience Food
Love Life by John McEwan - Chicken, Kale & Quinoa Soup
John McEwan Handcrafted Gourmet Foods, Victoria

Quick, tasty, convenient and healthy - it's a challenge to find a meal that can tick all of these boxes. But don't go running back to your cuppa soup just yet. John McEwan's Chicken, Kale & Quinoa Soup features tender pulled chicken breast, simmered with quinoa and fresh kale to enrich the soup with vitamins, minerals and proteins. Better yet, this gourmet soup is handcrafted using only the freshest of ingredients, sourced from local food purveyors across Australia. Tick, tick, tick and tick.
2016 Champion Australian Produce
Terra Preta Truffles
Terra Preta Truffles, New South Wales

A luxe addition to any meal, Terra Preta is so named because they make their own 'black earth' each year, providing a natural nutritional addition to the trufferie. The truffles have a stunning and unique 'smoky' aroma, which will fill the room and leave your mouth-watering. Terra Preta is a family-run farm growing their truffles without the use of pesticides or herbicides. Located outside the beautiful historic township of Braidwood, NSW, the farm produces more than 200kg of truffles a year, which are sold at the Canberra Region Farmers Market from June - August and to restaurants worldwide.
2016 Champion Australian Small Producer
Plough to Plate Fine Foods
Plough to Plate Fine Foods, Victoria

Authentic Balkan-style dips, pickles and spreads based on traditional recipes inspired by the Petrovska family's Macedonian heritage. A small family business based in the northern suburbs of Melbourne, Plough to Plate Fine Foods use organic produce grown on the family's Strath Creek farm and pride themselves in producing genuinely tasty preserves.
2016 Champion Australian Pantry Goods
Mandarin Marmalade
Cunliffe & Waters, Victoria

The sweetness of ripe mandarins combined with the zest of freshly squeezed lemons, your morning toast is longing to be topped with Cunliffe & Waters' Mandarin Marmalade. A producer of handmade preserves using seasonal Australian fruits from the Yarra Valley, Cunliffe & Waters Mandarin Marmalade is cooked in small batches in French preserving pans to capture the purest of flavours.
2016 Champion Australian Poultry
Sommerlad 100 Day Cockerel
Milking Yard Farm, Victoria

The Milking Yard Farm only grows 'slow food', which means their chickens are slow-growing, old-style varieties that are allowed to reach full maturity before being prepared for the table. A true paddock to plate journey, the Sommerlad chickens thrive in small batches, roaming freely in the forest, grazing on a natural diet and living a healthy stress-free life in the Goldfields region of Victoria. Not surprisingly, the result is pure, ethical, healthy food which tastes sensational!
2016 Champion Australian Meat
Prime Lamb
Woodward Foods Australia

Gather your friends and family and sit down for a mouth-watering meal created using Woodward Foods Prime Lamb. Raised on free to roam pastures, free of hormone growth promoters and a key source of iron and protein, not only is Woodward's lamb flavoursome, but it's good for you too! For tasty recipe ideas, visit the website.
2016 Champion Australian Seafood
Salvatore's Smokehouse Australian Smoked Oysters
Salvatore's Smokehouse, New South Wales

Hand-smoked using a custom-designed smoker that burns Sherry American Oak woodchips to give the food a deep, rich smoked flavour, Salvatore's Smokehouse Australian Smoked Oysters are a flavoursome addition to soups, pastas, dips or perfect partnered with crackers and a cold beer.
2016 Champion Chocolate Bar and Block
Charley's Mount Edna 70% Cocoa
Australian Chocolate, Queensland

A treat you can feel good about indulging in, Charley's Mount Edna 70% Cocoa is gluten free and suitable for vegans, with no palm oil or flavour enhancers involved. A very smooth, fine-flavoured chocolate with berry highlights and luscious raisin overtones, you won't be able to stop at just one piece. Made entirely from single origin cocoa grown in the rich soil of a plantation at Mount Edna just outside Mission Beach in Tropical North Queensland, team with a cup of coffee or glass of red and enjoy!
2016 Champion Single Variety Chocolate
Chilli Mango
Bracegirdle's House of Fine Chocolate, South Australia

Satisfying even the most discerning connoisseur, Bracegirdle's chocolates are created using only the finest Belgian chocolate by award-winning chocolatiers.
2016 Champion Garlic
Tasmanian Gourmet Garlic, Tasmania

This is a magnificent garlic, both visually and in a culinary sense. A beautiful vivid purple bulb with large tight cloves and lively, fresh, sweet, zesty flavours and aromas. Very versatile with all styles of culinary preparation and cooking styles and excels in whole roasting.
2016 Champion Easter Chocolate
"The Collection"
Bibelot, Victoria

You may have had the chance to taste from Bibelot’s opulent desserts when they popped up at the Royal Melbourne Show, or perhaps you have ventured to their European-inspired dessert boutique in South Melbourne. Whether you are already an admirer or you are yet to taste from their delectable range, you cannot miss “The Collection”, lovingly created by artisan chocolatiers and available from their South Melbourne location.