Winning Food
2018 Champion Australian Product and Champion Australian Produce
Hazelnuts - Roasted
McFarm Pty, Ltd, Tasmania

Hazelbrae prides itself on quality and freshness, preferring to crack and pack to order to ensure the best product for customers.  
These slow roasted, Tasmanian grown hazelnuts are ideal for using in salads and cooking and are delightful to eat on their own.
2018 Champion Australian Dairy
Buffalo Ricotta
That's Amore Cheese, Victoria

Since 2008, That’s Amore Cheese has been producing handmade cheeses in Victoria with love. 

Creamier and smoother than cow’s milk ricotta, buffalo ricotta is produced from whey left in the making of Buffalo mozzarella (ricotta translates to re-cooked).
2018 Champion Australian Frozen Dessert
Roasted Coconut Gelato
Gelato Gelato, Victoria

Gelato Gelato brings a little piece of Italy to the Surf Coast and beyond with hand-crafted flavours made on the premises each day.

Sourcing the very best ingredients available in their raw and most natural form, no colourings, artificial flavourings or preservatives are to be seen!

The roasted coconut flavour combination will tantalise any tastebud.
2018 Champion Australian Meat
Stockyard Pty Ltd, Queensland

Stockyard is a producer and global supplier of branded Australian Angus and Wagyu beef. The Stockyard feedlot and backgrounding properties are located on the Darling Downs in Queensland as part of a family based vertically integrated beef operation. Stockyard Wagyu and angus prides itself on consistency and quality.
2018 Champion Australian Value-Add Grain Product
Ka Pies - Steak and Mushroom
Puku Nui Pty Ltd, Victoria

Born in Melbourne’s west, Ka Pies produce a range of award-winning New Zealand style pies.

 Handcrafted from quality ingredients and premium puff pastry, this best-selling pie features tender portions of beef steak simmered in a rich red wine and covered with garlic and butter sautéed mushrooms.
2018 Champion Australian Pantry Goods
Ms Peacock Honeycomb (Chocolate Dipped)
Halo Food Services T/A Ms Peacock, New South Wales

Ms Peacock is Lisa Morley, a pastry chef and a chocolatier. The fine chocolate range includes truffles, caramels, honeycomb, and almond rochers, all decorated with gold.

If you are looking for decadence, the Chocolate Dipped Honeycomb is for you.

Ms Peacock uses chocolate imported from the French company the Cacaofevier, vanilla from Madagascar, and honey sourced from Christchurch.
2018 Champion Australian Seafood
Eden Smokehouse, Smoked Atlantic Salmon
Sapphire Coast Smoked Fish Pty Ltd, New South Wales

Eden Smokehouse produce artisan gourmet smoked foods from the far South Coast of New South Wales.

This hot-smoked salmon with balanced medium-rich flavours is a true delight. Great with salads, pasta dishes or as an appetiser.
2018 Champion Australian Convenience Food
Tone Salad
Kitchenhand Pty Ltd, South Australia

With a focus on South Australian produce, Kitchenhand hand makes a range of healthy meals including salads, soups and comfort food.

Designed with naturopathic advice to maximise the nutritional benefits of each ingredient, this salad contains oven-baked chicken, turmeric, fresh herbs and roasted vegetables.
2018 Champion Australian Preserve
Rice Culture Organic Shiro (White) Miso
Tomoko Fujimaki Onuki, Queensland

Rice Culture manufactures and sells organic miso and koji (fermented rice) products made from traditional Japanese recipe using Australian ingredients.

Shiro (White) Miso is light coloured soy bean miso made with higher ratio of Koji and reduced salt in a short fermentation period. It has a sweet and aromatic flavour.